Tuesday, October 11, 2016

80 lbs lost!

I have lost over 80 lbs!

Over half-way to my goal of 180 lbs. Last September I weighed 340 lbs. No idea of how I was going to make it happen, but I knew I need to change.

As you know, in May of this year I started the Ketogenic Diet (should be called a lifestyle, because diets end, this won't) and now I'm down 70 lbs since the start of May of this year, and over 80 lbs overall.

I'm half-way through, but this is only the beginning.

What would you suggest as a celebration for reaching 100 lbs lost.

I don't really need something to motivate me at this point. I'm locked into this lifestyle, but I think it would be fun to so something to celebrate when I hit the 100 lbs lost mark.

Any thoughts :)

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